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In case you need them as reaction gifs. :3

No one has ever asked me if my hair will grow, or noticed that I can breathe.

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Remember how for a few seconds Bashir thought he was there to actually buy a suit?


Remember how for a few seconds Bashir thought he was there to actually buy a suit?

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Thanks for the gifset! It's awesome I love it

That’s good to hear. :) I had so much trouble picking the moments… I mean, there are a lot of awesome scenes with Nog, it’s really hard to choose from. 

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If you were introducing someone to DS9 and could only show them one episode, possibly two, what episode would that be? I want them to get taste of the depth, darkness, and difference of DS9 compared to other Star Trek series, but also not confuse them or have to explain too much.

That is a really difficult question. You’re saying “compared to other Star Trek series”, meaning that the people you want to introduce to DS9 have seen other ST shows and are already familiar with the Trek universe? 

The boring answer would probably be “In the Pale Moonlight”. It’s a great example of that depth and darkness of DS9 in one episode, and overall a pretty great DS9 episode, too.
But I’m not sure if it’s not a bit to heavy for a start. You also don’t really see much of the crew, since the episode focuses on Sisko and Garak.  
Another option could be “The Ship”. Imo it’s not as good as “In the Pale Moonlight”, but you get to see more of the crew. (Another similar episode would be The Siege of AR-558, but that’s season 7 already, maybe not a good point to start…)
If you want an episode from the start, I’d go for Duet. But that episode is maybe difficult because it mainly deals with Kira, has a complex topic (the Occupation of Bajor), and a lot of it is just Marritza and Kira talking. I mean, it’s brilliant to me, but if someone’s not interested in the topic, it might look a bit boring to have them two talking in the holding cell all day long.

These episodes work if the viewer is already familiar with the Trek universe. If he/she is not, I’d probably go for episodes like “Homfront” & “Paradise Lost”, They’re not especially ground breaking, but they give a good picture of the Star Trek Universe I think, they include the crew for most parts, and show the topics DS9 can deal with.

The problem with the darker episodes is that they are either very complex in the context, or mostly individual experiences, and therefore not ideal to represent the characters of DS9. Take “Nor the battle to the strong” for examle - a brilliant episode, but I think people would get confused if they get introduced to DS9 and see Jake, who doesn’t really has a major part in the show, opening credits or not).

But if anyone else has a good idea with what episode to start: tell us. :)

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omg im dying i love ur blog <3 i thought ds9 was not good and then i watched it because i had watched everything else and now i love it and im almost done with season 7 and its been like 2 weeks omg

Thank you! DS9 really is worth watching. Unfortunately many people think it’s not good, but I’m glad you gave it a try! =) Almost 7 seasons in 2 weeks is really fast though! Welcome to the DS9 fandom. :3

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Thank you so much for the gifset! It looks great!

Glad you like it. =) It’s not easy to fit long monologues/dialogues into 10 gifs - tumblr should expend that. :D Anyway, I’m happy that it worked. :)

The Butcher of Gallitep died six years ago. You’re Aamin Marritza, his filing clerk.

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Inspired by borgcast's post.

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